Junk Silver Coins from Italian Somaliland 

Italian Somaliland flagSilver coin values below are based on live silver prices. Silver coins were in regular circulation in Italian Somaliland. The values below represent the intrinsic value of silver coins from Italian Somaliland. Silver coins from Italian Somaliland that are in uncirculated condition, or that may be rare and collectible may also have numismatic value. You can use this table as a guide when buying and selling circulated or junk silver coins from Italian Somaliland. The melt values are calculated and displayed in USD based on the current silver spot price of $22.51 per troy ounce.

Denomination / Currency Years Minted Fineness Gross Weight (g) ASW (g) ASW (oz t) Melt Value
1/4 Rupia 1910- 1913 .917 2.92 2.68 .0861 $1.94
1/2 Rupia 1910- 1919 .917 5.83 5.35 .1719 $3.87
1 Rupia 1910- 1921 .917 11.66 10.69 .3438 $7.74
5 Lire 1925 .835 6 5.01 .1611 $3.63
10 Lire 1925 .835 12 10.02 .3222 $7.25

Italian Somaliland Silver Coinage

Italian Somaliland was a colony of the Kingdom of Italy in present-day northeastern, central and southern Somalia. The territory was acquired by Italy through various treated in the 1880s. 

Italian Somaliland was standardized on the Somali Lira, which was based on the Italian Lira. In 1925, silver coins in denominations of 5 Lira and 10 Lira were minted. 

Prior to the Somali Lira, the country used the Somali Rupia as coinage. Silver rupia coins in various denominations were issued between 1910 until 1921. 

Use this guide to determine the melt value of Italian Somaliland silver coins.
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